Business Security Systems

Business security is of the utmost importance, whoever you are and wherever you are based. Protecting your office or workplace is not only important from a financial point of view, but from a legal one as well. Keeping your staff safe, or your customers and clients, is important - indeed, for many managers and business owners it is a frequent worry.

Today, there are a range of business security systems available to help you to keep your work premises and employees safe from danger. These systems not only help to protect against intruders and crime, but also from other risks like fire and smoke.

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Business Security Systems

Protecting your business should always be part of your security business plan. In 2015 alone,California’s violent crime rate increased by 8.4%

According to government statistics, vandalism, theft and burglary were the most frequent crimes in the agriculture, fishing and construction industries. But by far the largest percentage of crime against business came through the information and communication sector where fraud was the most frequent crime.

Identity theft is becoming a common concern. To commit fraud all a thief needs is a name, address and date of birth. Information like this can be easily found in places like solicitor’s offices and travel shops, where copies of passports or birth certificates are likely to be on file.

Business security isn’t as expensive as you might think. Commercial alarm systems and CCTV cameras are now very affordable. There are also commercial security systems paid for on an annual or monthly payment.

Protect America - and companies like them - can also provide photo detectors, so that an image of the intruder is taken and sent to the a central call center. Photographs are valuable because they can be used in Court in the event of a prosecution. There are also other well-established names supplying security systems for companies.

If you own a small business and don’t want to sign-up for a security plan. There are plenty of good quality alarms and CCTV systems available that can be installed by Jazz Security, or by someone who is familiar with Jazz Security Product(JSP).

The importance of security to protect your business can’t be emphasized enough. Total security for your business will deter intruders and keep you and your business premises safe.

Business Security Features

Security services for business can protect you, your business premises and your staff from burglary and fire. There are a number of options available, including separate fire and intruder alarms, or a joint system that covers everything at once.

Intruder Alarm Systems in Business

The noise made by an intruder alarm system is normally a strong deterrent for burglars. You can buy a Protect America alarm, have one professionally installed, or take out a contract with a security company to provide an alarm and back-up procedures. Protect America have a business alarm, which has a high-powered siren. JSP choices include manufacturers such as Eyemax, Truant and Yale. They all have a reputation for supplying reliable, good quality devices at affordable prices.

Fire Alarm Systems in Business

The Chief Fire Officer’s Association have spoken about the effects fire has on business premises. They said that in their experience 60% of businesses don’t recover from a fire. The loss of documents and data, coupled with the working hours required to re-coup business, is too difficult to manage. Office security alarm systems aren’t expensive to buy and they are simple to install. You can purchase a small office security system for less than $300. Or, you can purchase an office alarm and install it yourself. The safest way to protect your business is to use a fire alarm system like Protect America’s smoke alarm, which will trigger even in the event of a small fire.

CCTV Systems in Business

CCTV can be purchased to suit any budget. They are useful when placed indoors or outdoors, and will deter many intruders. If someone does enter your premises, they can often be identified from the video. Most CCTV cameras work in color and they are able to record in both daylight and darkness. Good quality devices can be found in products installed by Jazz CCTV, click here for a quote.

Access Control Systems in Business

It’s always important to know who is coming in and out of your business premises. The best way to control this is by installing an access control system. Every authorized person is issued with a key and only key holders will be able to gain entry to the building. Other systems use cards, which are used with card readers. Door monitors are also popular choices. They come with a telephone or with a screen so that you can see the person before you press the entry button.

Guard Response and Monitoring

Guard response and monitoring give you total security for your business. Protect America offer a guard response and monitoring package that deals with any problems on your business premises within minutes. They respond to a fire or a break-in whatever time of the day or night. They will notify the relevant emergency service of your problem and dispatch their guard response. This means someone is on your premises quickly, which could make all the difference in the case of fire or a burglary. Guard response and monitoring services are usually paid for annually or monthly.

Small Business Security

Many small businesses don’t bother with too many security methods because when cutbacks are necessary or cash-flow is low, it’s something that gets left for another day. In fact, small businesses are more at risk from losing their entire business as a result of something like a fire or theft, because the money isn’t there to replace machinery and documents that have been destroyed.

Although any small business with less than 5 employees isn’t obliged by law to have a fire safety protocol in place, it is advisable to follow the guidelines set out in the government’s fire risk assessment. Insurance companies look long and hard at premises that have been damaged or destroyed by fire. If they come to the conclusion that nothing was done to prevent a fire, they can refuse to cover you.

Small retail businesses also need to protect themselves against shoplifting, There are approximately 27 million shoplifters (or 1 in 11 people) in our nation today with an average loss of $25 per incident. CCTV can be an effective deterrent - well-placed cameras can be installed. A live-streaming function will enable you to see exactly what is going on in your premises from a TV screen. The majority of systems that will allow you to monitor the inside and outside of your premises from your smartphone. That way, you can keep an eye on things, even when the building is empty.

Security in a small business doesn’t have to cost the earth. You can have a fire alarm system installed by well-known manufacturers such as Yale or Honeywell for less than $ 250. Smoke alarms are also very cheap and are easily available to buy.

Access control systems will help you to keep track of the personnel coming into your building. This can be in the form of a phone entrance system, a video monitor or a keypad with a numerical entry system.

Some security companies, like Protect America provide a seven day a week, 24-hour security service, which you pay for on an annual basis. Don’t leave small business security to chance, it really is too important to overlook.

Office Security Systems

All business establishments should have fire and safety security. In fact, it is probably more important to protect an office business because any losses caused by burglary or fire are harder to replace.

It is also important to adhere to relevant guidelines for fire prevention. In the event of a fire, if it is found that official guidelines have not been followed, the insurance company can refuse to pay-out. The guidelines state that a fire safety plan should be written down and kept on the premises. The plan should identify possible hazards and the action taken to reduce those risks.

Other points include the nomination of a fire officer within the workplace and a clear strategy for the evacuation of the building in an event of fire. This should include methods to assist disabled workers or visitors. If you have a business with 5 people or more, or your business is considered to be a high-risk establishment, and you must follow fire safety procedure by law.

A number of office security systems can be used to protect your building and its occupants. CCTV can be installed inside and outside of an office. This will provide photographic evidence of vandalism or a break-in, which can be used in court. CCTV systems range in price from budget options to state of the art models. Whatever your budget, a CCTV system will be available to purchase Click here for a quote.

Access control will also protect your business from burglary or assault. Monitors and keypad entrance systems can be installed by Jazz Security at affordable rates.

Fire and smoke alarms aren’t too expensive and there are plenty of choices on the market. An office alarm system will alert people in the surrounding neighborhood that a problem has occurred in your building. You can also have them registered with police, so that they can take action if necessary.

An office alarm can be fitted by a JSP expert or an installation company. Business who want a complete business security package can take a contract out with an established security company, who will provide 24/7 monitoring of your building and deal with any situations that may occur, quickly. They will also contact the business owner or manager to alert them of the situation. In the case of fire, the sooner the fire brigade attend the scene, the less chance there is having your premises completely destroyed.

Consider business security as a worthwhile investment and include it in your budget because it will be money well-spent.

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Protecting your business from intruders, fire and smoke is incredibly important and ensuring the safety of your staff is essential. The information on this page should have given some idea as to the best methods of business protection. For more information though, you should speak with one of our top Jazz Security experts

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